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Drawing from 30+ years of experience, we help you succeed in your digital transformation strategy.

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Our Values

We're Creative

We believe that the best projects are the ones that can think out of the box and deliver innovation in a visual manner. This creativity must work in a global context, i.e. accross geographical and cultural boundaries.

We're Agile

We deeply share the Agile culture - which means an unusual relationship with our clients. We use an iterative and pragmatic approach when helping them with their projects. This brings a number of benefits, including transpacency, flexibily, and better control. We want to break the “Iron Triangle”.

We're UX/UI Driven

We believe that any design should be centered on users, not features. It does not make any sense to build something if it is not usable. Still, everyone struggles with badly designed products every day. This is very wrong.

“Tech should be the engine of your business if you want it to become scalable”

Our Services & Skills

Tech Strategy

Good execution on a poor strategy will simply make you die faster. IT is so ubiquous nowadays that it cannot be disconnected from your business plan. In the past, computing was considered as a utility, like having electricity and phones at the office, or at best as a cost-saving tool. Computing is now the engine of your business, so you’d better get it right.

Project Jump-start

We can help you get started with this tech project that you need but don’t see how to deal with. We can teach you some life-saving tricks, help you (re)think and design your project, and put a development team together. Often we will challenge your initial idea to find what your real root problem is, so be prepared for some mind-striking discussions!

Project Management

We can help you with the next logical step, which is to follow your project. This can be accomplished by playing the Product Owner role or the Scrum Master role, depending on the development team, the project type and the kind of management help that you need.


We do conferences in the US and in Europe in trade shows, business events and universities on a regular basis. Topics can be as diverse as entreperneurship, start-up companies, the history and lessons from Silicon Valley, video games development, digital board games development, and of course Agile Management.


We provide coaching and mentoring to entrepeneurs who need an open mind to challenge their assumptions and guide them through the difficult journey of building and growing their start-up company.

Mobile Apps Publishing

We can publish your mobile app on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store, or teach you how to become your own mobile publisher.

About Yann Corno, Founder

After a successful entrepreneur experience in Silicon Valley during the 90's as co-founder of 3D software maker Ray Dream, in 2002 Yann Corno co-founded board and online games publisher Days of Wonder. Yann drove all of the company’s digital games development on many target platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows. After the acquisition of Days of Wonder by the Asmodee group in 2014, Yann continued to develop the digital gaming activity at the group level inside Asmodee Digital until 2020. Since 2021, Yann has been operating his own consulting firm in high-tech strategy.